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Activists continue to inspire and mobilise

MamaYe's DLAs play a very important role in mobilising their local communities to act to save the lives of mothers and babies. On 14th July, MamaYe's DLAs met in Freetown to share their success stories and plan their activities with the MamaYe team.

Ebola relief funds: survivors demand accountability

Our colleagues at BudgIT tell us about Ebola survivors' quest to find out what happened to public money allocated to fight the Ebola epidemic.

MNH Knowledge Contest, we have a winner!

We are excited that our youths are now participating in the quest to reducing maternal and newborn health. This is like providing for the rainy day, when they must be able to make inform decisions on their reproductive health.

Journalist who champions Maternal and Newborn Health via radio

I don’t really know who first said, “Information is power”, but if it's true, then making information available to those who do not have it must be a way to empower them. And when people are empowered, they can make decisions that will better their lives.

Africa’s expectation of the Global Financing Facility

We all gathered to witness the launch of Global Financing Facility in support of Every Woman Every Child. African NGOs present have some key demands to ensure that it has the impact required.