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Health Experts Speak On Buhari's Proposed Ministers

Curious about the implication of not having a health minister to run the ministry of health? This story sheds light on the question and possible direction for health development in Nigeria once a minister comes in.

The Census 2012 Mortality and Health Report: Flipping the evidence on its head…

QUALITY, quality, quality, of care... As much as large inequities exist across Tanzania with regards to availability, access to and utilisation of healthcare services, especially within our interest area of maternal and newborn health, but let’s all come together to demand that where there are healthcare services for our mothers and babies, let them be of the required quality, let these services be life-saving.

Maternal mortality estimates from the 2012 national census: Does good coverage of maternal services matter?

The high level of maternal mortality remains a huge challenge in Tanzania requiring expedited progress in improving maternal survival and wellbeing.

New distance learning radio programme to strengthen knowledge, trust and use of health services in Sierra Leone and Liberia

The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative invited MamaYe to participate in a workshop designing a distance learning radio programme. The radio programme will aim to strengthen health promotion and other skills of community volunteers to promote RMNCH issues in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Good bye ‘MDGs’ and welcome ‘SDGs’

The last 15 years have being unprecedented all over the world with one clarion call ‘implement Millenniums Development Goals (MDGs) and achieve all its targets by 2015. 15 years is over and we are now in 2015 to say good bye to MDGs and welcome the new bride ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

World Summit charts new era of sustainable development

“We have a big, bold agenda before us – now we must work to make it real in people’s lives everywhere,” said United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, ahead of the gaveling of a new agenda for sustainable development.

MamaYe Empowers BBC Media Action Audience with Evidence During Radio Debate on Maternal Mortality

BBC Media Action’s Tok Bot Salone production team invited the Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Director, the Chief Nursing Officer, Executive Director of Woman for Woman, and citizens to a live radio debate to discuss "Is the Government of Sierra Leone doing enough to prevent pregnant women from dying while performing their reproductive role?"

How youths are arming themselves with MNH knowledge

Getting youths involved in maternal and newborn health issues can help them make informed decisions that will lead to stemming the rate of maternal and newborn mortality in Nigeria.

World Sepsis Day: Stop Sepsis, Save Lives

Bauchi unveils 5-point health agenda, doles N160m to the sector!

Bauchi State is swinging in the direction of change as the governor is making a huge commitment to the development of health, including maternal, newborn and child health in the State.