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Survival of mothers and babies as: an election agenda in Tanzania

Maternal and newborn health has never been higher up the global agenda, but is Tanzania doing enough?

MamaYe launches a Stillbirths Resource Hub

2.6 million babies are stillborn each year. The majority of these deaths are easily preventable. We want to see action to reduce the number of stillbirths so we’ve created a Stillbirth Resource Hub.

Make mothers and babies a priority

I am typing this with less than a week to the 2015 general elections in Tanzania. It is one of its kind-- there is more citizen’s interest and involvement in the campaigns at all levels. Voters will elect the President, Members of Parliament and Councillors.

Introducing the MamaYe Handbook

We are pleased to announce the publication of a MamaYe Handbook, which contains the MamaYe brand guidelines and the MamaYe advocacy guidelines. These assets were created to share freely between colleagues and campaigns working on reducing the burden on maternal and newborn mortality in Africa.

Employ more midwives, implement Drug Revolving Fund — Health group urges Bauchi govt

MamaYe youth activists in Bauchi State are lending their voices to help improve the health of pregnant women and newborns, they are also getting awarded for that contribution. They are featured in this news!

Gombe Assembly sets priority on health sector

Although every government make promises to improve the health sector, the MamaYe accountability mechanism in Gombe will ensure that policy makers stick to, and fulfil their promises.

Budgeting: Zero vs Incremental method

What you need to know about Zero-Based Budgeting, which is now replacing the method of Incremental Budgeting that Nigeria has used for long, and its implication especially for the Ministry of Health.

Run For Mothers

MamaYe is once again taking part in this year's Mothers Fun Run taking place in Mchinji on 17th October, 2015.The run will cover a 30km stretch, from Kamwendo Trading Center to Mchinji District Hospital. This year, the Mother’s Day Fun Run goes to Mchinji District because it has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the Central Region and faces a critical shortage of maternal and neonatal healthcare equipment.

Unsilencing the voices of disadvantaged women