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Exhibiting To Save Mothers and Babies

The Malawi College of Medicine of the University of Malawi, held a Research Dissemination Conference at their main campus in Blantyre, on 20-21 November 2015. MamaYe had a pavilion where all its campaign activities like MamaYe clubs, Activism and cMDSR drew a rare audience attention and spark interesting discussions.

As safe clinic conference ends in Freetown, new UN report estimates that Sierra Leone remains the country with the highest maternal mortality ratio in the world

According to new UN estimates, Sierra Leone is still estimated to have the highest maternal mortality ratio globally.

First Lady launches test kits for pregnant women

Evidence Identity Design Engagement: how MamaYe uses design to catalyse change

Announcing the publication of the latest addition to the MamaYe library, Evidence Identity Design Engagement. Setting out a selection of creative assets, including infographics, posters and scorecards, the book describes how evidence-based design can catalyse change.

Stillbirth: drawing back the veil