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President Koroma makes commitment to the reduction of maternal mortality with safe clinics

The speech made by President Ernest Koroma at the State Opening of Parliament on 11 December 2015 was focused on safe clinics and his government’s commitments to making sure that mother and babies survive childbirth.

A Thank You from Evidence for Action-MamaYe!

As we come to the end of 2015, a pivotal year for Sierra Leone and the global health agenda, I want to personally thank you for your partnership with Options Sierra Leone and the Evidence for Action MamaYe campaign programme.

MamaYe North Launched!

The MamaYe North project has been officially launched with pomp in Nkhatabay and Rumphi on 12th December, 2015.

MamaYe Celebrates Heroes and Heroines in Bonthe and Koinadugu Districts

As a sign of appreciation and thank you to district stakeholders and activists who have contributed to the Evidence for Action MamaYe campaign since 2012, we recently awarded MamaYe champions in Bonthe and Koinadugu districts with certificates of appreciation for their services to mothers and babies.

Scoring Africa on Health Budget Transparency

It happened in the evening at a detached wooden restaurant inside the Indian Ocean in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania during the CABRI Financing Healthcare in Africa Conference. I threw a rhetorical question “how can budget transparency and participation remedy this situation?” This example came to my mind.

Community Health and Research Initiative: improving public participation in the budget process

The Partnership on Advocacy for Family and Child Health project in Nigeria is a social accountability project funded by the Gates Foundation. It is implemented through the strategy of partnership building of indigenous NGOs, champions and activists to catalyse government at national and state levels in Nigeria to fulfil their commitments on child and family health.

Global Financing Facility Country Updates

In collaboration with in-country partners, the Africa Health Budget Network has developed briefs on the status of the GFF process and CSO engagement in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda, to share experiences across CSOs in different GFF countries.

Civil society demand meaningful involvement in the Global Financing Facility

Civil society from across Africa met to discuss country experiences in implementing the Global Financing Facility and develop a list of key demands for the World Bank and participating governments. A coordinated civil society submission was given to the Investors Group meeting organized by the World Bank the following week.

Minimum Standards for participation, transparency, and accountability in GFF

The Global Finance Facility (GFF) has established minimum standards of inclusiveness and transparency that all country platforms are expected to adhere to. This position paper proposes expanding on the existing principles of inclusiveness and transparency, and adding principles of independence and accountability.

Partners adopt MamaYe evidence toolkit during a one day capacity building workshop

We recently hosted a capacity building workshop to orientate our close partners on how to use the MamaYe branding guidelines and evidence package.