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Quality of Care in Lilongwe

These scorecards can be used by health workers to track their progress in between more comprehensive, physical assessments. Examples of how QuIC evidence has led to action to improve quality of care were shared, as well as a summary of lessons learnt from the QuIC pilot.

E4A shares assets with MamaYe Koinadugu advocacy group

We’re thrilled that MamaYe activists in Koinadugu district are working to establish a MamaYe community based organisation. The MamaYe Koinadugu advocacy group recently received capacity building training from the E4A team to help them continue the MamaYe campaign.

In Bauchi, when media and CSOs talk: lawmakers listen!

MamaYe Nigeria's Accountability Mechanism for Maternal and Newborn Health in Bauchi State consistently advocated for improved health system and health budget in the State by working with the media and CSOs. Their efforts paid off when the governor, Barrister Mohammed A. Abubakar proposed the much encouraged 15% of the State's total budget to health!

Breaking: Bauchi proposes 15% of total 2016 budget to health!

This is a great feat in the history of Nigeria, when a public office holder, a governor in this case, listens to the voices of civil society organisations and the media to give to the citizens what would make their lives better. It is all about political will. It may also be all about the much touted 'change' mantra.