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A stronger laboratory information system in Sierra Leone will save lives

You might not realize how essential a functioning laboratory service is. But you will have seen the effect Ebola had on Sierra Leone and how important it was for public health officers, health managers and decision makers to know who had the virus, who was treated and who was Ebola free.

Deputy Health Minister meets Italian counterpart; discusses plans to establish national blood transfusion centre

The Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation 1, Mrs. Madina Rahman has completed a weeklong working visit to the Republic of Italy. The Minister’s visit was aimed at among other things, exploring possible areas of bilateral cooperation between Sierra Leone and Italy, with a view to further strengthen the country’s health sector.

Can investigative journalism help achieve change for MNH?

While investigative journalism has helped unravel corruption and redress public office affairs at different levels, we want to see if it can help in unravelling the reasons our government is not fulfilling promises made to improve the lives of pregnant women and newborns.

Raising super humans for maternal and newborn health

Superman, Spiderman, Captain America are all screen heros. At MamaYe, we are raising Super Humans that will challenge the status quo and demand action and accountability for the improvement of the quality of health of pregnant women and newborns.

Coalition Partners gear up for HBA National Accountability meeting

The Maternal and Newborn Health Coalition Partners are gearing up for the MamaYe Health Budget Advocacy National Accountability Meeting to be held in Lilongwe in August.

Wilson Center Event: After Copenhagen, What Next for Women and Girls?

The role of multi-disciplinary teams in maternal death surveillance and response

Citizens Budget Watch supports budget accountability tracking teams

Citizens Budget Watch has trained 37 Budget Accountability and Tracking Teams in Port Loko District as a way of empowering citizens with budget information to enhance accountability of public officials for effective public service delivery.

Paramount chief saves the lives of more than half a thousand pregnant women and babies in his chiefdom

Meet P.C. Alimamy whose initiative has helped to save the lives of at least 837 pregnant women. He was so inspiring to listen to at the launch. He is the only Paramount Chief in the district - probably the whole of Sierra Leone - who has initiated birth-waiting homes in all the heard-to-reach areas in his chiefdom.

Visualising data can stimulate action

In a world oversaturated with data, static pie charts and line graphs are no longer sufficient – we need tools which marry data visualisation with the latest consolidated, definitive and trusted evidence. In the maternal and newborn health field, we are lucky to have a range of sites on offer.