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Scorecards show performance of health budget and provision of MNH services in Lagos State!

Lagos State Accountability Mechanism for Maternal and Newborn Health is a state-led accountability mechanism supported by MamaYe Nigeria to produce and disseminate health budget and maternal and newborn health care services scorecards. The scorecards show how the State is performing on healthcare budgeting, budget participation, transparency and release, and highlight the level of availability of life-saving commodities at healthcare facilities in Lagos State.

Count and review every birth and death to prevent future tragedies

QuIC training: rapid data transforming action

District, zone and national representatives joined MamaYe for a quality of institutional care (QuIC) training workshop. QuIC is a fast, low-cost approach that uses telephone-based data collection to inform improvements in quality of care.

Breast milk is good for your child, it has all the nutrients a child needs

Every mother wants her child to grow up strong, bright and healthy. Having said this, do mothers really know the secret to a bright, strong and healthy child? The answer is right here. Breast milk.