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Health budget advocacy yields 33% increase in allocated budget

MamaYe trained district councillors in northern Malawi in health budget advocacy. We are starting to see some results in how funds are being allocated with a 33% increase in allocated budget in Mzimba.

Listening to our activists

MamaYe relies on activists to make change happen within their own communities, so that more mothers and babies can survive than ever before.We have been supporting our super activists in orientation meetings in Mzimba, Rumphi and Nkhata bay districts with the sole aim of empowering these change agents.

Chinese doctors arrive to help in maternal, child health care

An advanced team of doctors arrived few days ago from Hunan’s largest children hospital in China to prepare the way for a medical team that will come in November to help the country grapple with its maternal and child health care.

The youth want more involvement in development planning

Politicians were well aware that 50 percent of the Tanzanian population is aged between 18 and 32. Mama Ye! joined the Tanzania Coalition for Access to Contraception in collaboration with the Union of Tanzanian Press Clubs to document pledges from members of parliament across the country, representing all political parties.

A passionate fight for Tanzanian girls gets international applause

Mama Ye! congratulates Rebeca Gyumi on her Social Change Award for advocating for girls' rights and access to education. She is a true Mama Ye! heroine.

Sierra Leone's First Lady calls for innovative solutions to address adolescent sexual and reproductive health

Making Waves: Taking the Africa Health Budget Network to the next level

Julius Mukunda, the newly elected Chair of the Africa Health Budget Network Steering Committee, is delighted to be part of an exciting journey of reinventing and revitalising the Network.

CHRDI exposes devastating health care sector in Freetown

Maternal and Newborn Health benefits from World Bank credit for Bauchi State health sector

More attention is coming to the State with the presence of Bauchi State Accountability Mechanism for Maternal and Newborn Health. The accountability mechanism will be working with the government to ensure judicious use of resources and timely release of budget allocations, and will produce a scorecard to show the State how well it is performing.

How to build skills in budget advocacy to engage government over public budget

Esther Agbon from MamaYe Nigeria shares her experience and passion for budget advocacy with the White Ribbon Alliance in Tanzania.