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Our Health, Our Rights, Our Lives

If you walk to any health facility in the country and stroll through the maternity corridors or wards, you will see women sitting in groups chatting, sharing their stories and laughing. As much as there is joy and excitement from these women that they are about to bring a new bundle of joy in this world, there is also fear and anxiety in these first, second or third time mothers.

How the HBTA Results influences Rumphi District to implement its health sector plan

MamaYe Malawi has been supporting Rumphi district in participating in the budget transparency and accountability process through a series of assessments.

First Global Financing Facility civil society meeting in Sierra Leone

On Thursday 11 May, we had the first civil society meeting on the Global Financing Facility (GFF) in Sierra Leone. The Global Financing Facility is a multi-stakeholde

Using scorecards to improve maternal and newborn health: the Lagos case

After we got the evidence around maternal and newborn health in health care facilities in Lagos State, we used the findings to help communities improve on their attitude towards the health of pregnant women and newborns by taking the action you are about to read in this story.

Spotlight on a health budget advocate - Victor Lansana Koroma

Victor Lansana Koroma is Executive Director at Health Alert, a civil society organisation in Sierra Leone that advocates to improve the health of women and children.