MamaYe uses evidence to engage the African public in the survival of mothers and newborns in six countries: Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania & Ethiopia
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About MamaYe in Ghana

MamaYe Ghana arms individuals and communities with evidence and information to ensure the survival in childbirth of Ghanaian mothers and babies. We provide evidence so that individuals, healthcare professionals and local communities can recognise gaps and act to improve the delivery of care to mothers and babies during childbirth.

We believe that with the right evidence and information, individuals and communities can hold to account those who have influence over the survival of Ghana’s mothers and newborns. These are women themselves, family members and healthworkers; but also politicians and officials at district, regional and national level.

We encourage Ghanaians to not just rely on government and international donors to ensure mothers survive. Instead we call on the Ghanaian public to step up and play their part – large or small - in saving the lives of the mothers and babies in their families and communities.

Finally, we showcase and celebrate the heroes and heroines who work hard, as volunteers or health workers, as taxi drivers or blood donors, as politicians or officials, to save the lives of Ghana's mothers and newborns.

MamaYe news from Ghana

16th Jun 2017

SDGs: "Accelerating protection & empowerment"

That’s a significant target, within just one of the aspirational Global Goals that were adopted at the UN General Assembly in September 2015. It is also a target that is integral to our work at E4A-MamaYe as we advocate for African leaders to ensure that no mother or baby is left behind.