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Tanzania National Blood Transfusion Service Policy Guidelines

The Tanzania National Blood Transfusion Service (TNBTS) Policy Guidelines were produced in 2005 in order to outline and standardize the practice of all stakeholders and institutions that work with blood and blood products, to ensure adequate safe blood needs are met.

Specific objectives of the blood policy guidelines are:

  1. To establish a sustainable nationally coordinated blood transfusion service, backed with necessary policy and standards, which will ensure the availability of adequate and safe blood and blood products in Tanzania.
  2. To create a sustainable mechanism that will ensure availability of adequate financial resources for smooth running of the Blood Transfusion Service in the entire country.
  3. To recruit adequate personnel and strengthen the manpower through Humans Resource Development to meet specific requirements of the NBTS activities.
  4. To launch extensive awareness programs and promote recruitment and retention of healthy, voluntary non-remunerated, regular blood donors so as to ensure adequate availability of safe blood.
  5. To introduce an effective mechanism for maintaining quality, efficiency and effeteness of the National Transfusion Service activities.
  6. To encourage appropriate clinical use of blood and blood products.
  7. To promote and encourage research in the field of Transfusion Medicine and related technology.
  8. To establish a legal framework for blood transfusion safety in Tanzania.

The document outlines the strategies to implement and promote in order to achieve each specific objective.

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Ministry of Health [Tanzania]. (2005). Tanzania National Blood Transfusion Service Policy Guidelines. Dar es Salaam: MoH.
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