Across sub-Saharan Africa, more than 550 women die each day from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth and 2,800 newborns lose their lives.

We know how to save maternal and newborn lives. Most of these deaths could be prevented by access to skilled care at birth, emergency obstetric and newborn care, and family planning. Yet broken health systems are denying women and adolescent girls their right to a healthy, fulfilling and productive life. 

Our Story

Too many mothers and children are still dying because of preventable causes. E4A-MamaYe catalyses change by bringing together groups (including government, civil society and health practitioners) to use existing information and resources to:

  1. Identify the reasons why women and babies are dying.
  2. Agree on how available resources can be used most effectively to address these reasons.
  3. Advocate for the changes needed.

As a result, government and health practitioners are better able to respond appropriately to the issues causing unnecessary deaths and injuries. This means women and children have better access to improved quality health services, more women having safe births.

The power of evidence

When data is accessible and easy to understand, better decisions can be made that strengthen the health system. Our experts in Africa and the UK translate complex health system data into simple graphic formats and make sure that the right people have the capacity to interpret and use it.

This means that:

  1. Gaps and obstacles in the health system that prevent people from enjoying good health are identified so that different audiences can take action.
  2. Decision-makers can use evidence to inform how they make plans and allocate resources for better health care.
  3. Health budgets and the budgeting process are demystified, empowering citizens to influence how resources are allocated and spent.
  4. Those in power are held to account for commitments to increase resources and improve the quality of health services across the continuum from family planning through to newborn care.
Working together, we can make sure maternal and newborn survival is a political priority
MamaYe team Nigeria


Evidence for Action (E4A) - MamaYe, a programme led by African experts in Kenya and Nigeria to improve the chances of maternal and newborn survival in sub-Saharan Africa. It is made possible with management support from Options and funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.