E4A shares assets with MamaYe Koinadugu advocacy group

We’re thrilled that MamaYe activists in Koinadugu district are working to establish a MamaYe community based organisation. E4A team in Freetown held a one day capacity building workshop for the MamaYe Koinadugu advocacy group in Kabala.

The group will adopt the MamaYe name and existing campaign asks to guide their activities. 

The purpose of the workshop was to share E4A’s evidence, advocacy and communication skills with the MamaYe Koinadugu Advocacy group, since the group will continue the MamaYe campaign in the district. A total of 30 members of the group benefited from the workshop including key executive staff.

The workshop followed the same format as the E4A capacity building workshop in Freetown. Our team presented key features of E4A-MamaYe evidence products to participants, including the MamaYe handbook and branding guidelines.

We also introduced participants to credible sources of maternal and newborn health and other health related information and made available MamaYe evidence products templates and tips, including a planning tool for evidence resources.

The engagement was very interactive. Participants were placed into groups and worked to plan and develop an evidence-based advocacy product using the MamaYe toolkit. Groups chose different issues including health financing, Facility Improvement Team scorecards for their district using the seven enablers, and facility-based deliveries. After in-depth brainstorming, participants made presentations of their work and gave feedback on other groups’ resources.

Steven Gibrila, the MamaYe Koinadudu Advocacy Group lead person, assured us that his group would put into practice all they have been taught. He also said that the group will register with the Koinadugu District Council, Ministry of Youth, and the Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affairs in the district, in order to legitimise their operations to advocate for the survival of mothers and babies.

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