Kaduna advocates get commitment for 80 million Naira for family planning

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During a follow up advocacy visit advocates in Kaduna State met with the Honorable Commissioner Planning and Budget commission. They presented an advocacy brief asking the State to put in money to the family planning basket. In his response, the Commissioner authorised for the release of 80 million Naira in November 2023.

According to the 2022 National Population Commission estimates, Kaduna State has a projected population of 10,088,312 people, while the population of women of child bearing age (WRA) is 2,219,429. The State has poor maternal and child health indices which contribute to the high rate of maternal and child deaths in the country.

Kaduna State has been consistent in budgeting for family planning (FP) in its annual health budgets over the years, but approvals and cash backing for the budgeted funds has been a challenge which has led to alarming, missed opportunities for improved health outcomes especially for women and girls. In 2021 and 2022, 60,495 couples could not receive family planning respectively because of unreleased budgeted funds. 

Thus, Kaduna Maternal Accountability Mechanism (KADMAM) in collaboration with Family Health Advocates in Nigeria (FHANI) developed an advocacy brief with support from Evidence for Action (E4A)-MamaYe. This brief was used to advocate to the Executive Governor through the office of Councilor Political in September 2023. Their call to action was for the cash backing of 250 million from the 2023 approved budget specifically for the procurement of FP commodities in Kaduna. However, the State agreed to disburse 20 million Naira monthly for the next three months. 

During a follow up advocacy visit, KADMAM and FHANI met with the Honorable Commissioner Planning and Budget commission and made a presentation highlighting other states that's has paid in their FP money into the UNFPA basket fund including Lagos, Ogun and Gombe states. In his response, the Commissioner committed that Kaduna State is far bigger than Gombe and hence, cannot pay less than Gombe state. He authorized and mandated the Executive Secretary Kaduna Health Supplies Management Agency (being the agency in custody of FP the budget allocation) to request for release of 80 million Naira which now has been approved for first disbursement in the month of November 2023. 

KADMAM now is following on the approval to ensure that the state releases the 80 million Naira amount as approved.

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