Time for a 'Girls' Takeover

Chiku Lweno-Aboud shares advocacy highlights for the International Day of Girls 2016 in Tanzania.

It’s the International Day of the Girl!

Much as there is a lot of rhetoric, I have come to value these special days since issues are brought into the spotlight, new data revealed, strategies elaborated and the girls, if they are at the right place at the right time, they get to know about global and national trends that are set to impact their lives.

From the UN, Governments, down to NGOs and CBOs there is information sharing and knowledge transferring that is really rich.

This year’s theme is 'Girls' Progress = Goals' Progress: What Counts for Girls'.

Much has been happening in Tanzania

To mark the climax for the International Day of the Girl Child, @scitanzania launched #EveryLastgirl report. Guest of Honour at the ceremony was the Shinyanga Regional Commissioner. Pictured the Regional Commissioner with the Save the Children Tanzania Country Director Steve Thorne .

Today, I was also drawn to the work of Plan international with their special campaign for this day called “Girls’ Takeover 2016 ” a roleplaying where Girls are stepping into the shoes of leaders in over 50 countries for Day of the Girl.

Follow the action and support the #GirlsTakeover worldwide.

Click here.

In Tanzania Girls in Mwanza took over office to lead a programme meeting at Plan office.

Also of interest is a Youth Survey report by The Aga Khan Foundation’s  East Africa Institute that give a snapshot of this important group in our community. A valuable insight of their views on many aspects of life and the future.

Survey results will be posted on this website

Happy International Day of Girls 2016!

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