Maternal & Newborn Health Coalition

The Maternal & Newborn Health (MNH) Coalition of Kenya is a network of grassroots civil society organisations and local media in Nairobi. The coalition was formally formed in early 2021 and its focus is to improve maternal and neonatal health. Before 2021, members of the coalition operated as an informal network across Nairobi City County.

Priority areas of focus

Since the beginning of 2020, the coalition identified that priority problems that need to be addressed in Nairobi City County are: reduced teenage pregnancies and increased uptake of antenatal care (ANC) by women of reproductive age. Using E4A-MamaYe advocacy approaches, the MNH coalition mapped decision makers targeted them to respond to these priority issues.

During the COVID-19 pandemic this coalition advocated for continuity of essential health services (including maternal and newborn health). They did engage the joint Nairobi County Assembly Health and Budget Appropriation Committees. They presented evidence and collaborated with media to bring attention to the impact of COVID-19 on mothers’ access to health services.