This Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Response (MPDSR) Action Tracker has been developed in response to stakeholder demand for a simple tool that enables users to keep track of actions emerging from MPDSR Committee meetings. The tool aims to make it easier for MPDSR Committee members analyse the problem that caused a maternal or perinatal death, and to specify a proposed action.

The tool has been piloted in Nairobi and Bungoma, Kenya, where it has received positive feedback from MPDSR Committee members who say it has supported them to keep track of actions taken. The tool was developed by E4A-MamaYe, led by Soudie Okwaro.

This is a tool that has made work easier. It gives accountability and responsibility making sure that activities are not just proposed but done and tracked over time with reasonable allocation of resources and timelines. With the tracker, at a glance, I am able to know and track the actions that have been actioned.” 

Kenneth Ogweno, Sub County Health Records and Information Officer, Webuye West, Bungoma County, Kenya.

Further Information E4A-MamaYe developed this tool to support coalitions in tracking actions and using this to monitor and assess the quality of responses. If you have any questions or would like to collaborate please do get in touch with us at