cMPDSR Endline Report-Kaduna, Nigeria

Clinical Expertise
In January 2022, E4A-MamaYe began working with the Kaduna State government and Population and Reproductive Health Initiative (PRHI) to design and implement a sustainable and scalable community Maternal, Perinatal, Death Surveillance & Response (c-MPDSR) model in Soba Local Government Area in Kaduna State. This report presents findings and analysis from an evaluation of the project.

C-MPDSR enables stakeholders to document, notify and review maternal and perinatal deaths occurring in the community and take appropriate actions towards preventing similar avoidable deaths in the future. This model is anadaptation of previous c-MPDSR asit features integration of community-led social autopsy in addition to verbal autopsy.

The endline evaluation collected and analysed data from Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with community members and healthcare workers, triangulating these with data collected from health facility records on maternal and neonatal health indicators. The report is available for download below. As a result of these pilot in Kaduna, E4A-MamaYe is scaling the cMPDSR model in other geographies where we work in Nigeria and Kenya which include a gender component. 

To discuss more on our cMPDSR approach please contact Lucia Laboso, Project Director email: