Kenya Investment Case Brief Summary

Health Financing
The Kenya investment case summary brief was developed in 2017 through the technical and financial support from the Evidence for Action (E4A) MamaYe project, in collaboration with the civil society organisations (CSOs), under the umbrella coalition organisation - HENNET.

During the CSOs consultative meeting held in May 2017, a gap was identified among the CSOs in their understanding of the GFF mechanism and priorities included in the relevant GFF documents, such as the investment case, health financing strategy and the project appraisal document.

The main purpose of the brief is to increase CSOs knowledge and effective engagement, aligned to the global CSOs engagement strategy. Therefore, the investment case brief, provides country CSOs with a summary of all the necessary information, on the investment case priorities, indicator targets, level of IDA/GFF/Complementary resources, anticipated resource use, and the implementation mechanisms from the project appraisal document.

Evidence for Action (E4A), MamaYe - Kenya Investment Case Summary Brief (November 2017)