Antenatal Care

Championing increased accountability during the COVID-19 era

Media is a powerful ally for civil society organisations advocating for improved health outcomes of women and their babies. In this blog, E4A-MamaYe county advisors in Nairobi and Bungoma, George and…

Preventing stillbirths with stronger Perinatal Death Review

More mothers are attending health facilities to deliver their babies, yet 2.6 million babies are stillborn every year, more than a third (42%) of those in Sub-Saharan Africa. What approaches can we…

What this midwife is doing to save lives will inspire you!

Influenced by MamaYe Super Activists, Hasana realised that being a midwife, she actually could do something to improve the health of pregnant women and newborns.

Pregnant and homeless - Being pregnant in an IDP camp

Ijeoma explores the fears and hopes of women who became pregnant, the effect of their pregnancies on the statistics of maternal and newborn health and attainment of SDGs in Nigeria.

Young People Take Safe Clinic Messages to Market Women

Young people have taken the lead in disseminating safe clinic messages to market women in Matru Jong, Bonthe District.

10 Reasons Why Hospital is Safe in Times of Ebola

MamaYe approached Dr A.P. Koroma to explain why the hospital is safe for mothers and newborns, and to encourage pregnant women to use the services.

Empowering Chiderezi Community

The people of Chidelezi community in the Traditional Authority Kawamba, Kasungu constructed a simple village clinic, which will handle basic minor illnesses and antenatal services.

Male Involvement in Maternal Health

Revision of policies and laws and closer collaboration between different sectors are needed to address the male involvement in maternal and newborn health outcomes.