Blood Donation

Blood is life! How blood donation will save lives of mothers

In 2016, one of every two maternal deaths that occurred in Bungoma were caused by blood loss. Today, we launch the E4A-Mama Ye campaign #DamuniUhai, calling for funding for blood services in Bungoma…

A blessing of an RMNCAH champion for Bungoma

Champions for mothers and babies , especially at higher levels, is are critical for influencing, shaping service delivery and increasing public participation on RMNCAH related issues. On…

Show your love, Donate Blood to Save a Mama na Mtoto

Today the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service (KNBTS) launches its blood donation campaign 'Show Your Love, donate blood.'

MamaYe Super Activists are still the Superheroes!

Who are the MamaYe Super Activists? They are ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things to keep mothers and babies alive and healthy in many parts of Nigeria.

Celebrating MamaYe Super Activists and blood donors in Nigeria

Many women require blood replacement while in labour, because excessive loss of blood (postpartum haemorrhage) has been identified to be one of the biggest causes of death for women in labour.

Want to save a Mama and baby’s life? Here is what you can do

Available statistics from the Tanzanian Ministry of Health show that at least 556 women die every year in Tanzania due to pregnancy and childbirth related complications.

Partnering together to mobilise blood donors

Every year, on 14 June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD). The event serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and to thank blood donors for their life-…

How can we make health clinics safe for pregnant women?

A group in Bauchi State is giving hope to families and communities.

Blood donation campaign receives overwhelming support

After Paul Makonda urged the residents of Dar es Salaam to be an example for donating the biggest number of units of blood, public figures, politicians and members of the public rushed to donate…

Khoswe village shines in blood donation in Balaka

Group village headman Khoswe takes the initiative of saving the lives of pregnant mothers who suffer from blood loss.

How small actions can increase access to PCV tests and blood

A couple was recognized as MamaYe Champions after donating a generator to Azare General Hospital’s lab.

Celebrating the life saving contribution of blood donors

For this year's World Blood Donor Day, the importance of a sufficient supply of safe blood is clearer than ever in Sierra Leone.